Girls Girls Girls

girls girls girls is a feminist based artist duo who create work around the themes of equality, mental health self-love and gender.


Created by Emma Colbert and Lydia McCaig, having their first group show in March 2018 they have been using girls girls girls as a platform to create work and to also give other artists a platform to showcase their own work.  

girls girls girls held their first exhibition in March 2018 giving womxn artists a platform to showcase their work. Advertising their first open for three months, just under two hundred artists responded from around the world. The work was judged by Emma Colbert, Lydia McCaig, Sarah Hardacre, Elena Gifford, Rebecca Johnson and Joanne Conlon. Twenty-five artists exhibited at Prism Contemporary in Blackburn, North West England and were shown for two weeks. Since they have gone on to curate a second show 'Gender' in 2019 working with a collection of contemporary artists exploring the constructs of gender asking the audience what gender means to them. 

girls girls girls have worked with organisations creating free workshops for the public with organisations such as The National Festival of Making, The British Textile Biennial and Deaf Institute.